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First Vineyard
First Vineyard is a new and exciting card incentive program. Simply use your First Vineyard MasterCard Card for everyday spending, tell your friends and family about this exciting program, and begin receiving compensation.

First Vineyard MasterCard
As a First Vineyard member you receive a stored value MasterCard Card. You spend only the amount you have pre-loaded to the card, thereby avoiding costly debt and interest charges.

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The America's 1st MasterCard is a pre-funded, reloadable card that can be used worldwide in locations that accept MasterCard, including ATM's. The America's 1st MasterCard provides many smart money saving benefits that are not found with credit cards, like 0% interest for the life of the card! This card program allows you to set your own limits, control your spending, and receive the benefits of major cardholder status, all at the same time. The America's 1st MasterCard combines the convenience of cash and the prestige of a MasterCard

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